Resolve your bone and joint problems — improve your life

Bone, joint, muscle and other chronic diseases are becoming increasingly more common and are requiring substantial management in today’s society. Because these problems have become so prevalent, anyone can look around and easily point to a few family members who have these conditions. My own example includes my husband, my cousin and myself. Because these problems can seriously reduce our quality of life, our very happiness and general well-being are compromised. This is a great “motivator” increasing our desire to cure, or at least to alleviate, these conditions. My examples follow:

My husband sits at his desk in an office all day. At his age, his sedentary life has finally “caught up with him”. He has joint and muscle pain generally, and is especially plagued by low back pain. Numerous trips to the doctor has resulted in advice to do some exercises and to improve his posture. Eventually, he decided to take charge of his problems, to purchase a proper chair that is ergonomically suitable to his current circumstances, and began to take  an ibuprofen tablet each morning to augment his exercise regimen.

My cousin’s story is a little older, but is comparable, nevertheless. During the Chinese Revolution, she lived on a farm in the country, to learn the ways of farming and agriculture. Because she wanted to achieve great physical strength, she worked extremely hard every day in order to earn a red-banner. Because of the rigors of her laborious work, she suffered many injuries. As she grew older, she experienced a full range of serious conditions including sciatica , bone spurs, severe osteoporosis, degenerative arthritis, and bursitis. For many years, she took many different types of Chinese medicines and western medicines, with little or no results. After she concluded that she could not endure these problems any longer, she decided to undergo surgery, which provided some short term relief, but did not significantly improve her quality of life. She still could not negotiate something as simple as a set of stairs, and continued to suffer from chronic knee pain and back pain.

Although my own joint and muscle problems were not as severe, I did have muscle stiffness in my neck and shoulder, back pain and arthritis and, for a period of time, I simply could not lift my arms. My friends told me that I looked very healthy, but they were unable to feel my pain and discomfort. This was not my idea of a happy life. . . .

Since doctors alone are not the answer, we must take the initiative to do what we can to heal ourselves. When we begin the process of learning about muscle and joint problems, we find, with some exceptions, that these problems arise mostly from inflammation.

The cause and effect of inflammation is the topic of a great deal of research involving the dynamics of metabolism, cell regeneration and our body’s healing process. Regardless of the cause, we know that the effect is swelling and pain, and that drugs and physical therapy are only partial solutions.

Thus, we must take matters into our own hands by educating ourselves on the benefits of antioxidants and nutritional supplements, under the guidance of a nutritionist.

Three months after we did this, the results were as follows: my husband stopped taking ibuprofen; my cousin was pain free, although she still had some problems walking downhill and experienced discomfort after walking long distances; and I have flexible joints and much less discomfort.

Under these circumstances, the results are excellent, and we are happy to continue with antioxidants and supplements with advice from our nutritionist. As a result, our quality of life is much improved, and we are much happier in our daily lives.

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