8 Japanese beauty products you need to try today

There is no question that asian beauty is finally making a presence in North America. Beauty gurus are opening large boxes from overseas filled with never before seen products – concurring language barriers and discovering amazing end results.

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Most mentions today goes to KBeauty or Korean beauty – renowned due to the Korean pursuit of baby skin and the makeup no makeup look. However, Japanese beauty products are the hidden gem (already highly praised in Asia) that deserves a lot more attention.

In Japan, a special drugstore is dedicated to beauty and skincare products with multi-level stores and rows upon rows of value products.


All the beauty drugstores will have a Japanese character on the store front that means “pharmaceutical”. A testimony to the Japanese love of cosmeceuticals, a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Every beauty product, including primers, foundations, even mascaras, have medicinal ingredients added to help improve your skin from the source.

Aside from effectiveness, you will also find JBeauty products for every imaginable need (including some very strange applications) and also super cute packaging.

Sailor Moon eyeliner!!

Let’s get started! All products mentioned can be conveniently purchased through Amazon in North America. Enjoy~

1. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essense Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++

The lightest and moisturizing sunscreen combined with ultimate sun protection that you will ever find. With 5 star Amazon reviews, try it once and you will never think of sunscreen the same again. A product you can’t live without!

2. Sofina Primavista Long Keep Base UV SPF25 PA++ 

The must-have affordable primer loved and recommended by students and beauty gurus alike. Does a wonderful job evening skin tones and even a better job in oil control.

3. Isehan Kiss Me Mascara Super Waterproof

If you are looking for an affordable, good looking, easy to apply, waterproof mascara, you need to try this product. You will have beautiful long, curly, and smudge proof (water or oil) lashes with little effort. The only downside? Have a good makeup remover ready because it is just so long-lasting.

4. Canmake Tokyo Glow Fleur Cheeks

Feel 18 again with this natural matte blush from the famous Japanese brand Canmake. I can’t stop purchasing this if only for the beautiful packaging.

5. Rohto Merano CC Essence

Vitamin C can help revitalize your skin and speed the repair process for scars and imperfections. This is an affordable CC essence that is light, smells amazing (like oranges!), and very effective.

6. Labo Labo Super Pores Lotion 

A light toner that is pore minimizing, refreshing, and stabilizes problem skin. I love using this product after a deep clean to shrink pores or during acne prone time periods to calm my skin down. A must have for your emergency skincare routine!

7. Lion Pair Medicated Acne Care Cream

The holy grail for acne care. Apply the cream to those pimples that appears out of nowhere or your problem areas and watch the magic happen.

8. Megurizumu hot eye mask with steam

JBeauty products take care of you in every aspect. This steam eye mask is a fan favourite, giving instant relaxation to your eyes without the hassle of a hot towel or steamer. Add it to your evening routine or bring a couple on a road trip, you will regret you haven’t discovered this product sooner!


Please let us know if any of these products worked for you or share the JBeauty products you love! You can be sure we will write more about JBeauty in the future. 

Contouring Tips for a Natural Summer Look

A light, natural finish is the go to look for summer as makeup can get destroyed by sweat and oil. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up contouring and defining your proudest features! Here are some tips for light yet effective contouring for a natural summer look.

Why shouldn’t I contour as usual?

Conventional contouring requires another layer of product on your face – creating opportunities for caking and turning your face into a sweating palette of colours. It’s also important to understand that in most cases, contouring requires professional static lighting to work (read on to learn more about light theory!). This means in natural and changing light, when you’re enjoying the summer outdoors, conventional contouring will look awkward most of the time!

Celebrities have multiple lights and reflectors that follow them outside of the camera lens. And even they can get it wrong sometimes…

Choose a shade that represents a natural highlight or shadow

The shade and finish of the contour is critical to a flawless look because your features naturally attract light and cast shadows. Usually this means avoiding anything with shimmers (for the highlight) and warm tones (such as bronzers for the contour). Choose matte contour shades that is one shade lighter or darker, as close to the look of a natural light / shadow on your face as possible.

A good contour doesn’t even have to a dedicated contouring product!

MAC Eye Shadow (Wedge)

Even if you managed to choose the right shade, it’s still incredibly important to layer and blend! Less is more, slowly build the colours to get the desired effect and smooth out any rough edges.

Now some of you might ask:

But what is the desired effect? How to create highlights and shadows that complement my facial features?

Light Theory

Light theory is not complicated! Having a basic understanding of light theory can help you ditch the contouring guides and create your own customized look. The below materials are drawn from the Art Instruction Blog.

I’ve never quite figured these out! What if my face is half rectangle and half round?!

Chiaroscuro, the concept of light and darkness, is what light theory is all about. Light and shadows, and how the human eye conceives objects. Here are 2 concepts that are most useful for contouring.


The same colour looks lighter or darker depending on the background it is set in.

It’s not just about the perfect highlight/contouring shade your favourite beauty blogger recommends, but what looks the best on YOUR skin.

Intuitive Space

Intuitive space refers to the ability of artists to create depth from 2D drawings. That’s how some sketches look deceivingly real and how you can create convincing features.

The key, is to study how light interact with objects and create shadows.

Obviously you won’t have to go take an art class for everyday contouring. But it’s beneficial to stress that shadows are different. Some are solid, others are fuzzier and have less defined edges. Think about what you want your features to look like and what type of shadows it will create.

Enough theory!

PONY is a korean professional makeup artist with amazing makeup tips. Check out her video on contouring and see all these tips in action!

Used in the video: Play 101 Stick.